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T-Scan: Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Welcome to T-Scan, your trusted provider of 24/7 wireless temperature monitoring solutions. We deliver effective technology with a human touch.

Intuitive Platform and Support

Our intuitive platform is designed for simplicity and ease of use that empowers effortless navigation with minimal training.

Track Record

Since 2011 T-Scan has delivered a proven track record of differentiated environmental monitoring solutions to a wide range of organisations primarily in the medical and nutritional sectors. We offer strength and depth through our highly qualified team of experts who understand and deliver comprehensive compliant and feature-rich services.


Our commitment to clients extends well beyond the initial installation and commissioning phase of our systems. We always seek to build long-term and trusted partnerships with our clients. This means that we engender an environment of accountability and service throughout our team.

Client Onboarding

T-Scan is always pleased to welcome new clients, whether you are looking for smaller localised monitoring systems, or more sophisticated implementations across multiple sites and geographic locations. We calibrate our services to your needs.

Quality Management

T-Scan understands that for many of our Clients, compliance and regulation in their industry sector are essential. And, that high level of regulatory oversight is equally important to any of our technical services. As such, T-Scan has modelled its business around Quality Management and support services that ensure Clients’ can be assured their systems comply with the highest of performance standards and levels of corporate governance.

Ongoing Commitment

T-Scan’s products and services have always been designed and developed in close collaboration with our clients. Whilst we believe that our platform is advanced and leading edge, we also know that times move forward, and we can always learn. We listen carefully to our clients and plan forward so that we can always offer relevant and effective services. This is our commitment.

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